Our Team has worked with these Esteemed Organizations and Partners :

We have Implemented the following Projects :

Data Center
  • Tier 3 Data Center's Facilities, encompassing state of art technology for large international banks.

  • Mission critical IT communications rooms (IDF) for large international banks.

  • Data Center Migration and Consolidation for global financial organizations.

IT Infrastructure
  • PA-RISC to ITANIUM Server Migration.

  • Implementation of Core Banking solution.

  • OS Script based (automated) Disaster Recovery Solution.

  • Database Upgrade for 400 + databases

  • Data Migration & Consolidation using Oracle Golden Gate technology.

IT Automation
  • ITSM  using BMC  Remedy suit version 7.x, 8.x and 9.x

  • Cloud Solution using BMC CLM version 1.x, 2.x and 3.x.

  • Enterprise Monitoring using BMC BPPM 8.x and 9 .

  • Enterprise Capacity Management using BMC BCO 4.5 and 9.x tool.

  • Server, Network, Database and Client Automation using BMC BBSA 8.x, BBNA 8.x, BBDA 8.x, BBCA 8.xand Footprint tool.

  • Asset Discovery Solution using BMC ADDM tool.

  • Cloud Provisioning using AWS and Verizon cloud solution.